Season of Change and New Beginnings

Season of Change and New Beginnings
September 28, 2016 Admin_SD

Fall arrived in all its glory! Slowly over the coming days and weeks, we will watch as the leaves change into their finest of colors for a farewell performance. It is the time of year for harvest. A time to reap the results of all that our diligence and work (or lack of) from the preceding year. It’s a time of celebration. It’s also the time of year for releasing and letting go and nature shows us that it is a natural process and necessary for growth and rebirth.


So why are we so resistant to releasing and letting go?

Why are we so hesitant to embrace change?


Change brings about new beginnings! New beginnings bring with it new adventures and opportunities. Change is a natural process, but many of us have been programmed to believe we should be content with where we are, with who we are, with what we have, etc.


The disconnect lies in the idea that if we want more, strive for more, that we are somehow not grateful for the present moment and all that exists within it. FALSE!


We are all destined for greatness! Whether or not we reach that greatness depends on us. In order to reach our full potential, in order to achieve our biggest dreams and desires, we have to be willing to surrender to change.


“The Secret of Change Is to Focus All of Your Energy, Not on Fighting the Old, But on Building the New.” – Socrates


In most cases, FEAR is the reason for our resistance! Fear of the unknown, fear of failure and fear of disappointing others are just a few examples of fears that often leave us choosing to stay with what we know rather than embrace the possibilities that exist in the unknown.


The key to change… – is to let go of fear – Rosanne Cash


So what happens if we don’t accept change? Complacency! We end up settling for whatever happens.


It might seem counter-intuitive but in truth facing one’s fear of the unknown actually puts control of the future in your hands. It’s only when we embrace change that we are empowered with the confidence to take action in the face of fear.


Everything you want is on the other side of fear. George Addair


So I challenge you to spend a little time in nature this fall and think about what the consequences would be if Mother Nature became complacent and refused change.


I wish you all the courage to release and let go, to face fear and embrace change and to welcome new beginnings!





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