Sarah Johnson – Elysium Cottage

Sarah Johnson – Elysium Cottage
August 25, 2016 Admin_SD

Whether you’re seeking guidance, specific answers, self-accountability or simply recognize you’re missing that inexplicable “something”, Sherry Davenport is your answer!  She’s the perfect resource to help bring stagnancy to an end and prompt you more confidently and swiftly on your path.  Her diverse, complementary education and experience in the Secular, Scientific, AND Spiritual worlds ensures the most comprehensive insights and assistance for you.  Sherry’s earnest, approachable style and personable demeanor offer a comfortable and welcoming experience for all with whom she comes in contact.

I have had the privilege of private sessions with Sherry for both personal and professional objectives, as well as having attended some of her workshops and a series of classes she co-facilitated. As a result, Sherry has – unquestionably – been key in unlocking the doors that lead to many positive changes, perspectives, growth and understanding that I have experienced. Other clients and participants in her workshops and classes alike all place Sherry at the top of their “go-to” list when they need clarity and/or guidance. She is a trusted and valuable resource whose ethics and integrity are beyond reproach. She stokes the flames of inspiration and is an avid coach and cheerleader.  Not only is Sherry kind, funny, professional, and extremely effective, she’s also a collector and wearer of some really cute and interesting socks. What more could you ask for?!  If forced to name a flaw, it would be that she doesn’t believe in raisins or other fruit in cookies. Rumors have it that others share that aversion, but I’ve made my peace with that and it’s all copacetic!

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