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Whether you are new to this journey or looking to expand your knowledge and awareness, my classes and workshops are perfect for you!

I am continually working on new ideas for classes and workshops so please be sure to check back often for new offerings. If you have an idea for something you would like for me to teach please be sure to send me a message and share your ideas.

Check the event calendar for currently scheduled classes.

I will also happily bring the class to you! If you have a group of 6 or more people and a location to host the event please contact me for more information.

Vision Board Mastery Class

Supplies will be provided ….
but please feel free to bring old magazines and/or copies of personal photos, markers, colored pencils, etc. to use on your board.

The Science of why Vision Boards work
Mind Mapping 101 and it’s relation to Vision Board Mastery
The best types of Intention Words and Images to use and which to avoid …. and the reason why
Feng Shui of the Vision Board
Create Your Vision Board
Learn to set Intention and Formulate Action Steps to Manifest Your BIGGEST Dreams for this year and beyond.
Vision boarding is a fun process using images and words from magazines, personal photos and other sources to create a collage that clearly states feelings, experiences, habits, things, aspirations and experiences that you want to manifest in your life at this moment.

A vision board can be a powerful tool to awaken your deepest dreams and set the universe’s actions in motion. We will each create a personal and unique vision map using images, symbols, and words to reflect our dreams and goals. As we focus our energy and intent on the creation of this map it begins to filter into our unconscious mind and the process of setting ourselves up for success begins.

Cost – $25

Manifesting 101 Class

Ready to clear limiting beliefs and start living a life of abundance, prosperity and success in all areas???

We have all heard about manifesting but what exactly does it mean????

Learn how to shift your thoughts and emotions and take control of the direction of your life.

What we will cover:
The basics of manifesting.

Learn what is the Law of Attraction and how it is believed to work

Learn why have your past attempts to manifest been less than successful.

Learn about vibrational energy.

Fun exercises to see manifesting work in daily life.

Learn practical steps to change your thoughts and vibrational energy to manifest your greatest desires.

Cost – $30

Awaken the Real YOU Workshop

This empowering 3 1/2 hr interactive workshop where you will (re)discover your passions and purpose and awaken the real you! You will work on identifying any and all obstacles in your way and determine how to get back on track. You will learn to implement exercises and practices that will assist you in staying connected to and nurture the real you.

Cost – $125

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