Sherry J Davenport

Spiritual Intuitive Counselor & Life Architect

I get it because I’ve been there!


I can relate to being stuck, feeling like a failure and simply existing in life rather than thriving and living life to its fullest.

My journey out of the “muck” and into an amazing purpose driven life lit a fire in my soul to make it my mission to inspire, motivate, teach and empower others to do the same.

A little bit about me …..


Sound Bite Version:

Hey! I’m Sherry, an unwavering optimist, with a passion for creating a beautiful life and teaching others to do the same. I am a constant doodler and find that writing, both personally and professionally, is an exceptional creative outlet and stress reliever. I am a gypsy at heart who believes that life should be lived as an adventure. I am an avid reader of all things non-fiction and have an unquenchable thirst for learning. A definite eternal student! I am the poster child for Gemini, a culinarian with an intense LOVE for spicy food, dream of writing a cookbook, a deep affection for old cemeteries and antiques and a HUGE soft spot in my heart for the homeless and those in need. Oh! and I loathe applesauce.


Unabridged Version:

Growing up in the South, I was deeply immersed in the Bible belt and Folklore. Add a long line of Appalachian ancestry and a Great Grandmother well versed in reading coffee grounds, cards and “remedies”, I had a roadmap as tangled as a plate of spaghetti.


From a very early age, I decided to march to the beat of my own drum! I followed all the teachings and doctrines of my upbringing and culture and soon began to see they were all interwoven at the core and actually shared much more than they differed.


I embraced my deep sense of faith and honed my spiritual gifts allowing me to become the impassioned Intuitive, Healer and Teacher I was ordained to be. I live my life’s purpose by serving others and assisting them in becoming the best version of themselves.


My career background is eclectic, including business coaching and training with an emphasis in the Real Estate field. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to study under some amazing teachers in the field of Metaphysics. The Sedona Psychic Workshop with Dick and Tara Sutphen in 2010 set me on the path to do this work professionally. I later went on and received my Advanced Certification of Psychic Development with Carl Woodall through The Anastasi System. I am certified in all levels of Holy Fire Reiki® including Advanced Karuna Reiki®.  I also hold a spiritual degree in Metaphysical Science and currently working my Doctorate in Divinity.


I devote my spare time to my other passions of writing, both personally and professionally, creating inspired art, making extraordinary food and serving those in need in the community. I am Co-Founder of The Bridge of Compassion Foundation, INC

I look forward to connecting with you!


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