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Below are the sessions currently available:


Not sure what option to choose? Email me and tell me about yourself and what your current situation and desires are. We will work together to find the best options for your personal needs.


Individual Sessions 

If you are experiencing a particular issue that can be well defined, an Individual Session is a time and cost effective option to receive a personalized solution.
– $75 (30 min) $125 (60 min)

Monthly Sessions

Monthly Sessions are a 1 hour commitment monthly. Minimum 3 month commitment. Initial meeting is conducted in-person and supplementary sessions can be conducted via *eSession or in-person. One session per month with check-ins and support via email throughout the month following the session. Sessions are paid for individually.
– $150 per Session

Intensive Sessions

Intensive Sessions are a 45 minute weekly commitment for 4 weeks. Initial meeting is conducted in-person and supplementary sessions can be conducted via *eSession or in-person. Sessions include check-ins and support via email between sessions.
– $400 per Month

Weekly Accountability Sessions

Let me use my business coaching experience to help you reach your personal and professional goals. An experienced accountability partner can keep you focused and motivated and help identify and overcome roadblocks.
Initial meeting is 1 hour conducted in person. We will define your goals and determine an individualized accountability plan. Supplementary weekly sessions are 20 minutes and will be conducted via *eSession or via Phone. We will discuss the previous week’s triumphs and challenges and prioritize the upcoming week’s goals.
– $200 per Month

One Question Intuitive Session

Do you have one specific question you want answered?

This One Question Intuitive Session is perfect for anyone who has one main area or subject they want addressed. This is an excellent option if you are looking for insight or guidance in making an important decision or a looking for an answer to one specific question. This session will be conducted via email. In order to get the most from this session put careful thought into your question. Well formed, concise and open-ended questions. Questions that start with What, How or Why (open ended) result in much more accurate answers than ones that start with Will, Can or Should.
– $40 per Question

Energy Work

In-person Sessions available and can also be performed “long distance”  (remotely) with equally successful and beneficial results.
– $75 (30 min) $125 (60 min)


*eSessions are an excellent, convenient and effective way to conduct sessions. An initial consultation will be conducted via phone or in-person. Supplementary sessions are conducted via a combination of Skype calls and instant messaging and email correspondence.

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